Very short message, but I wanted to try making a new message with my new phone, which arrived today! I have the Nokia N900, fell in love head over heels. Soon I'll post pictures.


YEAH FINALLY! Today the ZARA store opened here in Groningen. One day earlier than expected (OK, half year later than expected), but it was great! And so many people, oh god! I really LOVE this new collection. Navy, white, cream, brown, taupe, nude, you name it and I love it! I saw the perfect pair of nude heels, but unfortunately the 39 was a bit too small and the 40 a bit too big... But I don't allow myself to buy a new pair within a few weeks, because lately I bought 2 pairs which I still have to wear, just waiting for lovely weather.

But ofcourse I didn't come outside without the lovely navy ZARA bag in my hands. There were so much nice things, but I can't just buy everything I want. So I decided only to buy a simple long cardigan - which I actually needed - in a beige/taupe colour and a blue/white striped scarf.

Isn't it a lovely couple?

Scarf - ZARA 19,95 euros
Heels - ZARA (previous summer), original price 59,95 euros


The last couple of days I've been quite busy with studying, so no new posts. I'm sorry for that! Soon I'll make some pictures of outfits or new-bought items. Within two days a ZARA store will open here in Groningen, so I guess there will be soon new items here. Can't wait to see the new collection!

This morning I had my test, but I don't know if it went very well... I wasn't feeling that well this morning, I've slept very bad last couple of nights. After my test I just went back to bed to wake up again at 3 P.M., ready for a great party tonight! My outfit won't be special, because it will be ruined by lots of beer ;) Just a jeans, American Apparel deep V neck in apricot and a black ZARA blazer with golden jewellery. Not quite picture-worthy...

Ohh, I just love this dress. Today it came back in stock in almost all sizes, but I guess it would be too short for me (I'm 1.83m tall)


I really love these pictures from Doutzen Kroes for Blumarine. The clothing is perfect: cream, nude and gold colours. I'm a huge fan of the first and second jacket and the heels in the second picture!

This songs and this commercial reminds me of summer...

Caro Emerald - A night like this


This outfit includes the biggest part of my wishlist at this moment. What I still want is a deep blue cardigan, nude high heels (no peep toe please!) and this cute shorts. The sunglasses I do already have and the hat arrived today at my parents' place. Unfortunately I have to wait one week untill I can put it on. If it looks nice on me, I definitely post a picture of it!


I was surfing trough the internet and then, right away, I fell in love. How GORGEOUS are these sexy python heels by high-heel-king Christian Louboutin. Unfortunately I can only dream about it... But check out the picture in the previous post! Don't look my Zara heels quite simular to these?

Click clack...

Not just me, but also my new heels can't wait to go outside! But unfortunately there's still snow and ice left over on the streets, so they don't have my permission to go with me, unfortunately.
But, patience is a good thing, and I'll put them on very often when the sun is shining.
Now I'm still looking for a nude high-heeled friend for them. Saw the perfect ones from French Connection, but unfortunately sold out in my size and a bit too expensive at the moment for a poor student like me... Keep on looking!

Just ordered this amazing lip balm by Smith's. It is already my third one, the first is totally empty and the second one I lost in a bar when I was way too drunk. My bad...

I ordered it @ hippe-hebbedingetjes.nl, and they do have a discount code right now. Look at afterDRK for the 10% discount code!

After two months of snow and the freezing cold, it's time for spring. Hopefully the temperatures are rising very soon. Can't wait to wear my high heels and sunglasses. With the ice on the streets now I don't wear high heels, or else I'll drop myself to the ground.
I made two outfits which are showing off what I want to wear. The nude clutch and the Ray Ban cockpit sunglasses I already have in my possession. The taupe coloured hat is on it's way!

Hi there!

I decided to start a new blog, because I kind of neglected my previous one. I'll want to share things about my life, but also I want to show off my style, things I like and so on...
And, hopefully I'm going to post more often than I used to do.