The last couple of days I've been quite busy with studying, so no new posts. I'm sorry for that! Soon I'll make some pictures of outfits or new-bought items. Within two days a ZARA store will open here in Groningen, so I guess there will be soon new items here. Can't wait to see the new collection!

This morning I had my test, but I don't know if it went very well... I wasn't feeling that well this morning, I've slept very bad last couple of nights. After my test I just went back to bed to wake up again at 3 P.M., ready for a great party tonight! My outfit won't be special, because it will be ruined by lots of beer ;) Just a jeans, American Apparel deep V neck in apricot and a black ZARA blazer with golden jewellery. Not quite picture-worthy...

Ohh, I just love this dress. Today it came back in stock in almost all sizes, but I guess it would be too short for me (I'm 1.83m tall)


  1. WOW, is that dress from zara? i want i want i want! looks kinda like burberry prorsum...

  2. No, that dress is from ASOS.com