ONE DAY UNTILL SPRING! Another outfit which is perfect to me for a chill day in spring/summer. Relaxing boyfriend shorts with flat shoes. These ones are from Fred de la Bretonière, will order them within 1,5 week. Really need new flats, now the lovely weather is upcoming (not next week unfortunately). Couple of weeks ago I bought a long blue cardigan and it is my favourite already, especially love the combination with the gold sequin top. Today I ordered the belt, think it goes with a lot.

Upcoming week will be (again) a week full of party's! At monday I have first hockey training and after that we'll grab a beer in a bar where a lot of active members will be. After that I'm going to a benefitparty from the school of medicine-association. At wednesday we have a party from our own study-association, a karaoke-party! Will be a lot of fun, and with free beers! What do you want more? ;) And at thursday my favourite spot in Groningen will re-open (well, it re-opened yesterday, but thursday is the first student-night!), I'm so excited. It is completely different, curious what it will look like now.


Here an outfit of what I want to wear this summer! Already have this bag, a boyfriend jeans and a white blazer. And as you've read in my previous post, today arrived my Ray-Ban Wayfarer! Still looking for the perfect nude high heels. I ordered the navy/white striped bandeau top yesterday, so it will probably arrive next week.
Last night I had such a wonderful evening! One of my friends called me there was one ticket left for a lustrumgala from the biggest student association in Groningen. If I want to go with her and her date. Stupid question, OF COURSE I WANT TO! Unfortunately I was in a meeting, so after that I had to hurry like hell. My friend texted me: dress yourself like you've never done before! So within 15 minutes I was ready, didn't expect it from myself to be that fast.
The party was in a club about 30 minutes from Groningen (Club LEF in Beilen). We all went in buses to reach our destination. There was great music, also with an performance from Lasgo! And the best of all: FREE DRINKS! It was an all-inclusive night, great! Came home at 6.30 this morning, it was just great.

Today my birthday present arrived! I ordered a Ray-Ban Wayfarer in light turtoise and I'm in love. First I have to go to an optician, because I need optical glasses...
Here some pictures:

Here one of my favourite Lasgo-songs.

Lasgo - Gone


Not very fashionrelated, but discovered a few weeks ago a great lunch! Very simple, but delicious and good for your body! Just a salad with tomatoes, cheese and mediterranean dressing. Love it!

Tonight I'm going to party and maybe going to the cinema. And... tonight I'm going to order my Ray-Ban wayfarer, can't wait! I also ordered a jacket from H&M Garden collection, in brown. Now all blazers and jackets with 10 euros discount! This jacket is now 19,95 excl shipping. Quite a bargain!


I just made a collage with summeraccessoires which are perfect to me. I already have the fedora, the Ray-Ban cockpit sunglasses, the ASOS nude clutch and a watch just like this one from Chanel. This week I'll order the Ray-Ban wayfarer in light turtoise and I'm still looking for the perfect high heels. The huge canvas bag is perfect for college when I need to bring my laptop with me, maybe I'll order it within a few weeks, need to save some money first.

Today I had to go to the stores because I needed socks and shin pads for hockey training tonight and I couldn't resist to enter the ZARA. Luckily it wasn't as crowed as it was last week. And there were a few new things, so I can delete one more thing from my wishlist. Found a nice tailored blazer in white for only 40 euros! Quite a bargain.
I also tried a blue shirt on with grey elbowpads. I really liked it, but the fit wasn't right for me unfortunately...

I'm sorry for the crappy picture, I took it in the dressing room @ ZARA...


In about a month (and a couple of days) I'll become 20 years old, and now it's time to think about a present. First I was thinking about a necklace by Mi Moneda, but I don't know if I'm going to wear it that often and it is quite expensive. Ok, to the next thing which has been quite a while in my head now. Very timeless, just love it! I'm talking about the Ray-Ban Wayfarer. Still doubting between black and light turtoise... Next week I'll try them on in a store, to see which one looks better on me.


Really like this sound.

Parov Stelar - Chambermaid Swing


Last week I received my fedora from Topshop. It's a cotton-linen mix, the fabric is very nice. I haven't worn fedora's before, so I just get used to it. But when the sun is going to shine (AND IT DOES TODAY!!) I'll wear it. In this picture I'm also wearing my new blue breton striped top from Oasis.

For tonight I've got great plans! With a large amount of very cool people from school we are first going to a pizzeria for dinner and after that we're going iceskating. I haven't done that for years, so I'll probably meet the ice from a very close distance ;) In the end we're going to have a drink (or 2,3,4,5, and so on) in a bar here. It will be a great night!


Caro Emerald - Back it up

I really like her music! I posted a couple of days ago another song of her, but the rest of her album is also very good.